Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ramli Burger Steak & Garlic Bread

Been cooking spagetti for past few weekends so this weekend
I am trying out a new dish. Ramli Burger Steak & garlic bread.
He he.. yum yum..

Dont know if you wanna try out, but its easy.. just use Ramli burger meat put
some garlic on top, BBQ sauce and black pepper, put inside oven bake for 5
minutes. Turn it around to the other side ,put some garlic & BBQ sauce on top
and put a slide of cheese on top. Bake for another 5 mins.

And Lastly Serve hot! :p.....

Hmm.. dont know what to cook next weekend...

Korean Food Fair

These pictures we taken sometime ago in 1Utama
in a korean food Fair. I thought I have some nice pictures
so I share it with you :)

There are traditional music performance by some korean girls and one of them look quite pretty :)

And finally of couse, they are alot of free food for you to try and buy during the fair.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chinese Winter Festival (Goh Tung)

Last weekend it was the Goh Tung (in chinese) .. hmm
I don't really know what it is call but it's some kind
of Chinese Winter Festival. Anyone can enlighten me on
the story behind this festival?

So on the day, we had an early dinner and was wondering
what are we going to take when we are hungry at night?
And my Gf suggest to make Tong Yun , a traditional Chinese desert.

From Goh Tung Festival

But if you look at it clearly, there are some orange or yellow cubes inside
the tong yun, well.. its mix fruit. It's my mom's idea to put mix fruit and
eat together. It kind of weird, but later its kind of nice having the fruits
eaten with tong yun. At least its not so bored.. :)

Here are more pics on The Goh Tung Festival

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ChristMas Mood at Home

Merry ChristMas!!! Merry ChristMas!!!

From ChristMas At Home

Last Week, my family manage to set up a Christmas
tree. We decorated it so nicely until it's so irresistible
not to take a few photos to share with you guys.

Here is the link:


Thursday, August 23, 2007

MIFC in Town

Well..finally I have the courage to write here, and I am very sorry for not writing in my blog since hmm... 1/2 year ago? I know it's bad but I really have no idea what to write. I guess my life is really boring.. or maybe..hmmm I am too lazy to write.
I promise I will try my best to add in more pictures or articles in future..but pleaseeesss don't give too much hope. I scare I will disappoint you again :p

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) is in Town....YEAH!! Finally.. I been waiting for this event since Malaysia started Visit Malaysia Year 2007. I guess this is the first time Malaysia actually host such exciting event(in my lifetime) else it will be just another boring new year or Merdeka eve fireworks display. So I give thumbs up for the government this time for organizing this competition! Malaysia Boleh! Another thumbs up! Putrajaya is really a beautiful town! Take a look at the bridge!

So I actually went there last Wednesday with a colleague of mine to watch the Australia Team. We started our journey quite early hoping we can find some strategic location to be our camp site. Due to my lack of road experience in Putrajaya, we actually got lost a few times trying to find our way around the town. Well did anyone actually tried to REVERSE your car for almost 1 km? only my friend and I will know .. Haha

At last we found our special camp site to watch and take photographs! Take a look at our location :)

We were the very first group to reach the place. By 9 pm it's already crowded by hordes of spectators and photographers. Most of them using high tech digital SLR, making me really paiseh cause I am using a small little automatic digital camera.
Don't worry, I am not sad.. I promise myself I will definitely get those digital SLR for myself.. in future..

Lets not talk much..here are some of the photos i took using my camera, though its small and cheap, the results really surprise me ... he he .. Though not the best but should be quite good for first timer :p

Fireworks are really something very amazing. How I wish I can watch with someone I love or maybe propose to her under the fireworks. Moments that can be treasure for a life time... :( ...sigh... where is she?

The Wonderful fireworks display last for 20 minutes!! and its really fantastic, I really can't wait to go there again to watch either Japan Team or maybe the last team at 2nd of September 2007 !!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Moving Day .. Last Day in GfK's Old Office

Finally, we've come to the day we have been waiting for the Moving Day, 5th January 2007. Everyone was so busy packing up their things. As for me it was like myself moving to a move house... I really can't wait to see how nice is the new office...after fully furnished.

Picture taken in the morning ... we had our breakfast for the last time at Subway, UOA.. building just beside Kompleks Antarabangsa ( old Office building )

It's so messy in the old Office....everyone is walking around ..packing and throwing away stuff.

Taking photo at the main entrance of the GfK's Old Office...Guess this should be the last photo taken there... Goodbye!!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome 2007 & GoodBye 2006

Yeah!! .. it's 2007, finally a brand new year! I have thought of starting something new, brand new handphone? brand new car? or a brand new camera? Maybe a Brand new GF ( hmmp.. maybe not brand new cause I am still single) Though at last I have started this brand new Blog with influence from my beloved friend Zachary ( cause he also just started 1 ) .

Well, Let me introduce myself a bit, I am Lex from KL,Malaysia. I have hobbies like Traveling, Photography (but I have no talent at all in taking nice photos) , Watching movies & animes and most of all, Sleeping ( guess everyone does that ) . As for my personality, I consider myself as somehow a quiet person when you first met but can be talkative at times if you get to know me better. Well maybe I am abit shy when meeting strangers. So do try to get to know me deeper... :p

Guess that all for my short introduction, And I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in this World .....

Happy New Year 2007!!